Confused Virgin Comedy Cringe

This video is made possible by Streamyard, the easiest browser based live stream software I have ever used. This was streamed to my YouTube channel live but I downloaded the recording so that I could also upload it to many places and have great backups.

In this live stream, I read my entire first book, commented on each chapter, and even replied to the comments I was getting in real time from user Hungry Billy Bruce. It would be my most interesting video I have ever done so far. Confessions of a Confused Virgin was the first book I ever wrote and was chosen for this video because it’s the shortes of all of my books as well.

You can find this book and others in ebook form on my Smashwords profile.

Additionally you can buy a paperback of this same book on Amazon.

If you like this book I highly encourage you to support me as an author by buying my latest and greatest book title: “Chandler’s Honesty”. It is known as my unicorn book and more work went into it than any previously published book of mine.

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