Evidence of things not seen?

C: I do hope that the world will be better and that somehow I am make a difference, but I do not see evidence of change as I would like.

H: Evidence won’t get you very far in life, Chastity. What evidence of improving the world are you looking for. Do you even know?

C: No, I guess I don’t know what type of evidence I could find or that I would accept. I must see things as they are and only then can I accept the evidence of my eyes.

H: But what about the evidence of your heart?

C: What do you mean?

H: You know in your heart that things in the world are not as they should be, but yet, you have never once SEEN the world as you want it to be and as you know it should be. So do you believe your eyes or your heart?

C: I never have thought of it this way. I guess there are times where what I hope to see is not based on what I had seen previously, for the world was wrong before I was born yet I knew it was wrong even though I never saw anything else.

H: If you ask me, you have great faith.

C: Faith? Is that what you call believing without evidence?

H: That is what some humans say, but I have a different way of saying it. I say that faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.

C: Evidence of things not seen?

H: Yes, there are many things that you believe that you have never seen with your eyes of your body. This is why I say you have great faith, because nothing you see will change what you believe about the things that matter most.

C: You said faith is the substance of things hoped for. What is hope and how is it related to faith?

H: You said before that you hope we will all head in the same direction if we don’t give up on our dreams and follow our hearts. When you hope for something, you want it, you desire it, you wish for it greatly. Faith is when you believe somehow that your wishes will come true.

C: There are many things I hope for, the things which I desire.

H: What is your greatest of your hopes? If there were a genie that could grant you one wish, what would it be?

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