OpenGL updated

This is very exciting. I found instructions on the Pinebook Pro wiki about enabling OpenGL 3.3 support. I then tried compiling a Raylib demo that failed before because it requires newer OpenGL than 2.1 which was enabled by default. Amazingly it worked! Now the glxinfo command shows that version 3.3 is supported. My other programs in freeglut and glfw were all written for version 2.1 so they still work exactly the same and I’ll probably keep them that way since it’s always worked flawlessly for drawing my polygons. But enabling modern OpenGL will probably make many games work that did not before. Though the Pinebook Pro is not meant as a gaming PC but I bought it because I wanted to write programs that ran fast even on limited hardware. Everything is working even better than ever!

Here are some screenshots that show the differences before and after following the directions on the wiki page.

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