Gained a Sense of Smell

Before I had my orchiectomy I researched everything I could about the effects on the body that may result. I was prepared for many things so I was not surprised when I had hot flashes and my skin cleared up. The results so far have been mostly positive and I got my hormones tested on December 16th and the results were that my other hormones have gone super high because my adrenal glands are trying to make up for the fact that the testosterone is super low. Estrogen, LH, FSH, and DHEA are all higher than they were before.

But something happened that I did not expect. Food and even beverages have a smell now! I never knew powerade had a smell or that the vegan pizza from sarpinos smelled so good. Even taste is improved. All my life I have had almost no sense of smell and all of a sudden that changed! If anyone else has had a similar experience or has an explanation I would very much like to know the scientific reason behind this.

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