BASIC8 Hello World

I discovered BASIC8 on Steam and it allows a similar programming environment to what QBasic was for me years ago. I was 14 and able to start programming simple things including drawing circles,rectangles, and triangles. Having graphics as part of the standard library was a huge benefit to me at the time and one that I sacrificed when I switched to C as my primary language.

But having BASIC8 could be a fun retro programming experience to allow me to relearn BASIC and perhaps even make games or cool animations with it like I do with my C programming except that I will already have a standard set of functions to save time and won’t have to translate most of my own BBM library into it.

Here is the code of my first program.

REM My first program with BASIC8
REM Hello World
def update()rectfill 0,0,width,height,rgba(0,0,0)
text width/4,height/2,”Hello World”,rgba(255, 255, 255)

Here are screenshots

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