Covid19 Plandemic and the Vaccine Threat

I am sending this text to a large group of email addresses as well as posting it on my blog and social media so that it will be known exactly who I am and that this information is not simply ignored or dismissed. This will be ignored by many but has the potential to change your life if you read and understand what I am about to tell you.

My name is Chastity White Rose. I am also known as the Vegan Virgin. This is important to know because of what I am about to tell you. I have chosen to spend my life improving the lives of others as much as I know how with my limited means. I seek to live non violently and do no harm to anyone. I live a life of celibacy and veganism to make sure that I cause pain or death to nobody if I can help it as well as not cause new sentient beings to be created.

Because of this, I have long been against all forms of vaccination. The current times we are living in involving the claimed virus Covid19 are tough on everyone. However, some of you may not be aware of what is really going on.

  1. This virus is most likely a hoax. The swab tests are testing for genetic material which may or may not be found but does not mean that you have a deadly disease. If this was a real virus, they would test blood for it the same way as is routinely done for sexually transmitted diseases such as HIV and HPV. That is not to say there are no viruses floating around but nothing you should be concerned about more than the flu or other diseases contracted through sexual intercourse or consumption of animal products from factory farms which also have the potential to cause death but which have never been used as an excuse for shutting down the economy and causing people to die by them losing their jobs, homes, and health insurance. The government response to this fake Pandemic was inexcusable. Our leaders are idiots and I don’t care if I am killed for saying this because it’s true and most of you know it deep down but are too cowardly to speak your mind a play along.
  2. Even if you believe that this virus is real, there is a much darker agenda going on here that you may not be aware of or even worse you may dismiss it as a conspiracy theory. There are people such as Bill Gates and others which have plans to force mandatory vaccines on us for purposes of reducing population through sterilization and also death that can result from such vaccines. Such things should never be happening no matter what pandemic is happening even if that pandemic was real and killing some people. People should be allowed to make their own choices when it comes to what enters their body. When you no longer can choose what food you eat or what is injected into you with needles against your will, you are living in a situation worse than death.
  3. The amount of harm done to animals used in the production and testing of all vaccines is also inexcusable. Even if vaccines WERE safe and effective, I will not consent to this because I want no animal ingredients nor human fetal tissue injected into my body. This is a crime not only to those animals but also to those of us humans which live our life free of violence. To put such things into anyone’s body without their informed consent is rape.
  4. I know that you will dismiss me as a conspiracy theorist and will not listen to what I have to say. Or you may disagree and simply not care. But I would not be able to sleep at night if I do not at least share this information while I am still alive and save some lives by people choosing to avoid these dangerous vaccines and fight back against this dark agenda by the puppet masters who are controlling our politicians and media. The lockdowns, masks, tests, and vaccines are all part of a plan to destroy us all.

These videos, which have been deleted by YouTube/Google are at the time of this writing still available on BitChute. They tell much more information than I am able to remember well enough to tell you in my own words.



I also encourage you to watch the first and second Vaxxed movies. These are also highly censored by those in power who do not want you to know the real harms of vaccination.

Also, it is important for you all to know the truth about Veganism. Not only will you help protect yourself from many dangerous viral and bacterial infections by eating plants instead of dead animal flesh and excretions but you will also be following the Golden Rule and not doing to these animals what you would never want done to yourself.

Here are some important links for all the information that you will need to be a moral person and you just might save your own life in the process.

Additionally, I run a podcast with several people. In the event of my death you may still be able to talk to the other informed people and watch our videos before they are all deleted by those who do not want you to see this information about what is going on ourside of what mainstream media tells you.

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