BBM 8-15-2020

I fixed several warnings in my BBM code and now it compiles as either valid C or C++. I also began work on the first chapter of what may become a book. Each chapter will be a complete working C program that produces image files using my IO functions I wrote that depend on only the standard C library. So far it’s 6 kilobytes and in serious need of updated comments explaining all the concepts behind how my style of graphics programming works. But the goal is for somewhat experienced C programmers to learn the tricks of how to draw pixels where they want and produce graphics without relying on complex APIs like SDL or Allegro which require you to link to hundreds of functions when you can usually get by with less than 10 with custom code. I’ve proven it with my countless animations that it does work but the challenge is explaining it to others.
In case anyone is interested, my latest source code at the current time can be found here:

The file of tonight is “bbm 8-15-2020.tar.gz”I always name them by the date.

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