Coronavirus Hype

I don’t believe all this hype from the media about the Coronavirus from the media. I’m not saying there is no such thing as the virus or that people haven’t died from it.

But I do think that it’s an attempt by the pharmaceutical companies to sell another vaccine. This happens all the time. People are fed information designed to scare them until they are willing to do whatever the “experts” tell them to do.

I’ve written elsewhere about why I am against vaccination. Primarily because of animals used for ingredients and in testing of vaccines before they are used on humans. My position is that vaccines cannot be morally justified even if they do save human lives.

Of course my opinion on this does not prevent anyone else from receiving vaccines. However I am greatly concerned by those who want to make vaccinations mandatory as they already are in some circumstances.

I have chosen not to receive any vaccines myself. I just worry about the future where the government may force us to be vaccinated with the Coronavirus and other viruses.

Vaccines contain the very virus they are supposed to “immunize” you from. I know the claims that it causes your immune system to build up a defense to it.

However this only works if you have a strong enough immune system in the first place. If you have a healthy diet and lifestyle you will be able to fight off the disease whether it is injected into you with a vaccine or whether you were infected with it some other way.

In short getting a vaccine is really no better than just encountering the virus through other means and your immune system fighting it off.

I believe vaccines are just a way for the producers to make millions of dollars while providing no benefit that your body would not give you for free.

And on top of that the animals that will be killed in the production and testing of vaccines makes it impossible for an ethical vegan to receive vaccines without being a hypocrite.

That’s my statement on the matter for what it’s worth.

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