Money Math

Because I have a full time job now, I am able to afford my rent and bills each month as well as some food. However I need to find a way to save as much money as possible.

It can be quite a challenge to save money when expenses are high. Although I make close to $2000 a month in net pay, my expenses are also pretty high.

My rent is $750 a month which includes the water and trash pickup as well as access to the resident laundromat. A nice deal but still a major chunk of income.

Additionally I have a basic membership with Dr. Diane Voss for $50 a month who is a very nice doctor who cares about her patients but stays out of the insurance business entirely. On the basic plan I can have 3 visits a year.

And then there is the child in Kenya I sponsor through compassion international for $38 a month.

So each month the constant expenses that remain the same are $838

But then there are other bills such as electric, gas, Internet, and renters insurance. The amount on bills can vary greatly and is hard to do the math on but I would have to say that those bills probably combined add up close to $200. Especially that gas bill in the winter makes it bad. That means half of what I make is spent on rent and bills.

So basically the rest of my income is all that is left to spend or save. Food can be quite expensive these days and I try to live extremely cheap to save as much money as I can. Often cereal, peanut butter sandwiches, nuts, and pasta. There are also times I probably spend too much like when I buy 30 bean burritos from Taco Bell, but that provides food for almost a week to take to work for lunch break.

My plan is to save a minimum of $100 a month. I started a new account at my bank which will be my savings.

Additionally, I have United Health Care and a Health Savings Account that can be spent on medical expenses.

And there are so many reasons why saving money is a good idea. Saving for emergencies, things I would like to buy someday(like a new pc that can actually play Minecraft at decent speed), and being able to help others in need.

But the top reason I’m working so hard to save money is because I still have not been able to get my testicles surgically removed. For so many months I have had to work all the time except weekends and holidays and those are the days all doctors offices are closed.

I have made several phone calls and online searches and played phone tag with people who always call me when I’m at work and can’t respond.

My life and mental health depends on my company being out of overtime which I don’t know if it will ever happen. If we get out of overtime, then I will only have to work 40 hours a week instead of 50. When that happens I’ll have the option to work 4 days of 10 hours and get one day during the week off. That will mean I can actually walk or bike to every medical place in Independence or even Lee’s Summit if I have to until I find someone who can help me.

I’m trying to be patient but I’ve been in physical pain so long and I’m going insane. Because of this I am often in my own world and have a hard time thinking of anything but getting out of pain.

But the pain is not only physical. There is also much emotional pain that goes along with it. Every time when I have to bend on my knees to shelve files or every time I lift heavy boxes, I experience the sharp pain in my testicles and it reminds me about all the men in the world with testicles and the testosterone they produce that make men sexual and abuse women. And because of all this sexual activity there is so much rape and pregnancy and abortion.

I know that my testicles don’t actually work because of the damage done to them from multiple injuries. I feel that this is a good thing because it has prevented me from becoming like other men. In fact I’ve said before that if I did have normal testosterone levels, I probably would be acting like the rest of the men and would probably be having sex like the rest of them and not know the difference.

So whatever happened to me to make me the way I am, I am glad for it. The only problem now is that I’m in severe physical pain and why I have been determined to get my testicles surgically removed. It’s a matter of time and money before I succeed.

And that is what is on my mind and that’s why I write about it. The day will come when I succeed in my permanent goal and will be free of my own pain long enough to think about helping others. But right now I must help myself and cut out anything that distracts me from being my very best at work and making good financial decisions and maximize my savings.

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