Pasta, Soy, and Protein

Screenshot (68)
A response to those who ask where I get my protein. First, all plants have protein, second, when you eat large quantities of anything, the effects are multiplied. I can eat 1 pount of pasta in less than 30 minutes. When I’m really hungry, I can eat 2 pounds. That means that when eat this I will be eating somewhere between 42 and 84 grams of protein when I boil pasta, which I do frequently because it’s so dirt cheap. And there are many like this which add vegetables into the pasta. My advice to anyone is to eat like a horse to be as strong as a horse. My coworkers at Brillient and at Hy-Vee are my witnesses of my strength. They frequently ask me questions when they find out I’m a Vegan. If only they had the full picture.
And also, Soymilk is great for protein as well. There is the rumors about soy causing man boobs and this scares many off from soy products, but first, it doesn’t work, which is most unfortunate or it would be more popular than it currently is. Then all those who wanted big boobs would be buying more plant products that don’t kill animals. That would also have a bizarre impact on natural selection if you dig deep into that.

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