Internet at Home

I have Xfinity internet now! I have confirmed that my laptop, phone, and Nintendo Switch all connect to it! I have the xFi app on my phone that allows me to set the network name and password. This is cool because it means that anyone who tries to connect to wifi networks in this area will see my name in the list. They’ll probably wonder who I am if they don’t already know me.

But more importantly, now that I have home internet, this means that I should be able to do recorded talks with my Vegan friends again who I miss very much. It’s hard being the only one in your area who prefers not to murder animals. Too bad the Black Rose moved to Canada! The internet is the way for minorities to meet that would not otherwise!

It also means that uploading backups of my programming projects is also possible. I have plans with my Binary Bit Map format and I want to make my own graphics library for my personal use that is simplified to the point where drawing pixels, rectangles, or regular polygons is so easy that I can explain it to others. I would probably want to use an existing graphics library as part of one of the multimedia libraries like SFML, SDL, Allegro, or FLTK. Then my code can call the other functions and the possibilities will be endless.

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