Open Book

When I went through the EQUIP system for the government background check to get hired for my current job, of course they wanted to know absolutely everything. I left nothing out, even my name Chastity White Rose that I go by on my online accounts. I did mention being transgender on the comments for that form. I wanted to be sure that when I got my job that this was known. I didn’t want to be fired because they considered me mentally ill over it or something.

And there are of course there are non discrimination laws but as I was telling the HR manager. People DO discriminate and make up fake reasons why they refuse to hire people or fire them.

I keep no secrets. In fact my friend Poffo will tell you, I share too much information about myself at times.

But I also know how to not tell personal information about other people that I should not.

But as for me, I’m an open book. There is nothing that can’t be known about me from my YouTube channel alone.

But the only thing anyone needs to know is that I do the best I can to live my life, work my job, pay my bills, and avoid hurting anyone of any species. I’m Chastity White Rose, the Vegan Virgin.

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