Installing Tiny Core Linux

I got Tiny Core Linux on my USB device. This is what I did.

I downloaded the “CorePlus-current.iso” file.

I used rufus to format it with syslinux 4.07 and all the right options. Then made all the filename changes and text changes in syslinux.cfg as it said to.

This page from the wiki has the relevant information on changes to make:

The part I needed from the “Option 2” section of the page:

Run RUFUS and make the following selections
“Device” – Select desired USB (Verify correct USB volume size)
“Boot selection” – Select “Syslinux 4.07” from drop down menu
“Partition Scheme” – Select “MBR”
“Volume label” – Enter desired USB name
“File System” – “Fat32” (Or Fat16 if necessary)
“Create extended label and icon files” – Uncheck
Leave all others – Default
“Start” – Select
Download latest Tinycore/CorePlus ISO
Mount and Extract the contents (copy both “BOOT” & “CDE” directories) of either Tinycore/CorePlus ISO to the USB Drive
Within the USB drive, rename the directory “cde” to “tce”
Within the USB\”boot” directory,
rename the directory “isolinux” to “syslinux”
Within the USB\boot\”syslinux” directory,
rename “isolinux.cfg” to “syslinux.cfg”
rename “isolinux.bin” to “syslinux.bin”
edit “syslinux.cfg” to replace all instances of “cde” with “waitusb=5”
Reboot and select to boot from your USB device.

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