I love my apartment and I love my job. There may still be time enough for me to live my dreams and do what I want with my life.

It has not been easy getting to this point in my life and I have a few very important things to say right now.

I am 32 years old and I have had a pretty rough life through my childhood growing up in poverty with my mom. Not knowing where your next meal is coming from and having cockroaches and bed bugs crawling over you is no fun.

But the worst experience is how people judge poor people and assume they it’s their fault if they don’t have enough money for food, a car, their own apartment, or whatever else.

People have been horribly rude to me and my mother over these things for years.

And yet now things will change. I have always been an honest and ethical person to the best of my ability. I always try to do my best whether I am working my job for pay or even the life choices I make for which there is no reward.

At times people grossly misunderstand me and make horrible assumptions. My opinions on religion and politics often gets me into trouble and I have always had the struggle of not knowing if, when, or how to speak about any topic.

But I always say exactly what I think or feel. Like Maria from The Sound of Music or the recently popular Greta Thunberg.

And I know people will misunderstand even this post but I will do my best using words even though words are weak.

Most people do not connect words to pictures or videos as I do. Like Temple Grandin, I think in pictures. I have a rare ability to visualize numbers for example and understand how big numbers are and how many objects it represents.

I see the world as numbers, colors, and shapes. I do not see the world the way most of you do. I write computer programs in my head before I have the time to actually type them out and get them working on a computer.

But this unique way I see things has led me to be quite an awesome person and I really like who I am. And finally things are starting to work out.

Not because I tried harder or did something different but because I was given the opportunity to prove myself with a full time job that is perfect for me.

I may have given up on humanity but I haven’t given up on myself.

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