Irrelevant Theories

I see there are rumors about climate change being a hoax and Greta Thunberg being an actress paid to speak propaganda to establish a new world order.

That’s fine with me. We need a new world order. A new world where people don’t argue over the words of a 16 year old girl.

It doesn’t actually matter If Greta’s speeches were written for her by rich powerful adults with secret agendas or if it is her own words.

And the reason it doesn’t matter is that those of us who pay attention already know that climate change is happening.

But if climate change was a hoax, it still doesn’t matter! We still need to be vegan to stop murdering animals and we need to stop using non renewable resources like fossil fuels. The bloodshed and pollution is still bad either way.

People argue over theories that are IRRELEVANT!

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