The Fear of Man

I’ll tell you one fact that I think of all the time. When people see someone who looks like a woman, they don’t think “Oh no! She could rape me!” But they do think this when they see men. Not because men are inherently all rapists but because most are capable of it.

It’s the same way that humans are more evil than a horse. Not because a horse is automatically good, though I tend to think they are, but because they don’t have the power to shoot guns, drop bombs, drive cars, bully people on the internet, or any of the many things humans can do.

Power corrupts. It allows those with bad intentions to achieve their desires. Humanity has grown too large, too powerful, and too incapable of resolving problems without violence. No other species could destroy the planet and kill billions of other animals and cause climate change.

And the reason men have such a bad reputation is because they have always had the power to hurt and control women for no other reason than their strength and penises. I think about this all the time.

The feminist movements should never have existed. We all suffer because of the actions of our male ancestors who enslaved women for thousands of years. Many of the women in their quest for equality have them turned against even the innocent men because of a prejudice which is perfectly understandable.

Should they be afraid of men? Yes, for their protection. Do I want them afraid of me? No, for I could not hurt them. Even if I wanted to, which I don’t, I could not.

I know some of you think me crazy for the things I post like this, but these are my thoughts that haunt me every day of my life.

Ladies of the world, I too am afraid of the men, but even more so I am afraid that I will never be trusted because of the body I was born with. You may not believe me but I am one of you. I am on your side.

And don’t you dare call me a misogynist as many have just because I am against abortion. You have been lied to by the patriarchy into thinking killing your children is freedom, but it was just a clever plan for the men to have sex with more women and to make a lot of money off of you.

My heart is broken over this just like it is over all of the farm animals who are killed because people refuse to be vegan.

And I will do anything to help you see the truth.

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