Gender Roles

You probably won’t hear this from other transgender women because they are often too politically correct and picky about language, but in my experience struggling with gender identity issues, I think the primary motivation for my desire to transition in the future, given the chance, is about not being seen as someone who acts like men stereotypically do.

I don’t drink beer, watch football, have sex, drive a car, hide emotions, try to be tough or violent, kill animals, or any of the countless things that people think being a man is about.

And seriously who really knows what a man or woman is supposed to act like. I don’t really believe in that concept. At the root gender roles are merely the idea that you must act a certain way because of how you look.

“If you have a penis, you should play sports” or “if you have a vagina you must wear pink and have long hair”.

Isn’t that pretty much how people think? That’s the impression I get from observing people.

I don’t really follow what goes on in politics nor do I care much about what idiots in the LGBT population say. They argue over dumb things like about the difference between a transgender person and a cross dresser. And then there is the whole thing about trans people playing competitive sports and if someone has an unfair advantage because they were born male.

And don’t even get me started on all the nonsense that happens when transgender people try to date and then people get angry because they didn’t know the person was trans and then they get sexual and find out the woman has a penis. Weird shit happens in the world because people are just dumb.

I’ve read enough and watched enough transgender people on YouTube to get a basic idea of what goes on.

I have a whole different perspective on such topics and I know one thing, I will not model my life based on any one person or group of them. When you copy someone you also copy their flaws.

I will do things my own way as I always have. I was never the type to like being associated with labels because then those labels become stereotypes just like gender roles.

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