Binary Pixel Map

I’m working on a new image format. I’m pretty sure the layout of the format is final. It has all the features of my BBM format but uses a new header which allows for comments because the 4 bytes at address 0x0C are the pointer to the pixel data. This means literally anything could be between the header and the data. In this example a small comment of the name of the format: “Binary Pixel Map”. These screenshots show the equivalent PBM file and the checkerboard that it looks like.

Screenshot (370)Screenshot (371)Screenshot (372)

The goal of this format is to be able to eventually support any type of image whether monochrome, grayscale, or full color RGB. The code needs work but if I made a good conversion tool people would see why my format is superior to several others with the exception of compression because I don’t know how that works yet, but I do have a book on it.

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