More Programming Ideas

I learned something about the Windows Subsystem for Linux. It runs Linux ELF executables that were compiled for Linux. It’s possible to write a program with this system and create something that would run on a 64 bit Linux operating system assuming it also had an Intel CPU.

The one restriction is that the WSL can’t run GUI apps and is limited to console only. That’s not a real problem for me since I don’t have the skill for that anyway, yet.

But the fact that Microsoft allows installing Ubuntu Linux inside Windows and the environment runs faster than using a PC emulator means that I now have an additional method of compiling C programs and could produce Linux versions.

I don’t yet have something ready to publish but I thought of an idea. I could have something that asked a user the details of what kind of checkerboard they wanted. It has 4 variables they could choose.

Image Width

Image Height

Square Size

First color

Second color

I normally set these variables within a C program and recompile whenever I feel like making something. But the concept is simple enough that all it requires is a few scanf calls to request input from a user.

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