Theory of Abortion by Political Selection

For some time I’ve had a theory as to how planned parenthood, the legalization of abortion, and the invention of the birth control pill all INCREASED the number of pregnancies and by extension both the number of abortions and the birth rate as well.

I never thought it necessary because I thought other people would have thought of it but experience has shown people are not very smart.

First let’s start with the birth control pill. Women are told they can take a pill regularly and not get pregnant even if they have sex. The heterosexual men are thrilled because they can have sex with their wife, girlfriend, or go and rape a stranger with the mentality that it’s her fault if she gets pregnant. She should have taken her pill. But anybody who knows much knows that each woman’s hormone levels are different and they are still likely to get pregnant as has happened many times. I have seen so many women say they were on the pill and got pregnant anyway and then they had an abortion.

Also there are condoms but people mention them breaking. Why they haven’t made them out of steel is a mystery.

But because women and men were lied to about the birth control pill, they started having sex more both inside and outside of marriage. Those who were pro life kept their children and this increased the birth rate and population. The pro choice people aborted whether legally or not and the number of abortions increased.

Then abortion became legal. People were like “yeah the pill doesn’t work all the time but I’ll just have an abortion if I do get pregnant.”

Then Planned Parenthood gets more and more money as a result and not only promotes more birth control but also abortion and teenagers having sex more and telling them it’s a healthy safe thing to do and to have an abortion if they feel they are not ready to be a parent. They gain more money and political influence over time until they have almost everyone on their side believing their lies. The more sex positive people became the more likely they are to experiment with sexuality and get pregnant and get more sexually transmitted diseases.

After Planned Parenthood, and other people who make money by performing abortions, succeeded in turning so many people pro choice. The next step was to vilify the pro life population. And it was easy to do too. Because most of them were christians, they knew that by promoting the teaching of evolution, promoting homosexuality, and criticizing the religious beliefs of the people and pointing out the contradictions in the Bible, they could make Pro-lifers look like they are stupid and damage their reputation so bad that today almost nobody listens to them.

And of course there are pro-life people who are atheists and members of different religions but of course nobody talks about them because that would ruin the evil plan!

That’s what I truly believe happened and I doubt there is much of a chance at the pro-life side of the debate winning this war.

I’m a Pro-Life atheist and also a vegan because I oppose all types of murder. And yet the government forces me by taxation to fund Abortion, animal slaughter, and the military. They even have the nerve to force Catholics and celibate atheists such as me to pay for birth control.

And I’m a little pissed off about it.

And you can bet I will do my best to help Pro-Life people in their efforts just as I will be a Vegan Virgin for life and try to reduce murder if there is anyway I know I can make a difference.

I have no power to do anything by myself but I have friends in weird places! I will use my time and money helping them as I am able.

PS: this post may be added to or edited for errors as necessary. Any of my Pro-Life friends are more than welcome to share it and edit it to suit the goals of their websites, groups, or organization. I do not ask for money in return, only that you list the author as Chastity White Rose and give me a link to share if you include it on your website.

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