BBM conversion plans

I don’t have time to work on this today. When I live alone I’ll probably be able to dedicate 6 hours to my programming each Saturday since I’ll be working a full time job Monday through Friday, however I have some thoughts about how I might be able to design any picture in GIMP or Inkscape containing only black and white and then convert it to my own BBM format.

My programs can already read and write BBM files but because the format was invented by me and no program in the world written by anyone else can convert existing formats into it, this is part of the fun!

It means I alone have to figure out a method to either code my own routine to read an existing format, BMP and PBM are good candidates, or I will have to use ImageMagick and learn how to use the API extremely well so that I can load any image format and then put it into an array in a C or C++ program which can then be used with my existing functions to write it to a BBM file.

So one of these or perhaps even both will be used so I can compare them.

And I should totally include such programs in my book that I’m gonna write.

Things are rough right now as I’m nervous about the new job I start Monday June 3rd but if I can manage that job well and keep it then I will be able to get my own place and schedule programming time on weekends where I can spend many hours writing and fixing functions for the ultimate image formats and sharing what I am learning about computer graphics.

I swear there is nothing more exciting to me than art and creating things. I’ve been moving more into graphics programming instead of designing art in Inkscape partly because there may be money in programming jobs if I become a really awesome programmer.

My art I have already published for sale doesn’t sell enough to live on and that’s why I’m forced to slave away at other jobs instead of spending my life doing what I really want.

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