Sex is not innocent

If sex was a good thing why do we refer to it as dirty, private, mature, and try to prevent children from seeing porn and why does society get uncomfortable about adults having sexual with children?

For example an adult can play chess or video games with a child but not have sex with them.

I’m being serious. What people don’t want to admit but secretly know is that sexuality is harmful. Otherwise it would be G rated.

I didn’t name myself Chastity only because I’m a virgin and lack the desire for sex but because it’s an ethical stance like veganism/ahimsa.

People rate movies G for general audiences and video games are rated E for everyone. People approve of only innocent things for children to see. I think this reveals an inconvenient truth for many people.

That sex is evil. And to clarify I use evil as a synonym for that which causes harm. STDs, pregnancy, and the emotional trauma that results from the relationships that involve sexual acts cause real harm to children and so adults try to shield them from it to protect them.

And yet the adults also engage in sexual acts which cause them the same harms.

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