Checkerboard with ImageMagick

You may find this hard to believe, but the checkerboards I uploaded tonight to my social media were made with this C++ program I wrote using the ImageMagick library. Luckily the reference and the examples were understandable enough for me even though I know very little about classes in C++ or understand all the various types of classes that are available in the library.
In any case this checkerboard is created by my custom code which writes every single little pixel one at a time. It’s a bit slow for some reason but I don’t care because it actually works!
The implications for the fact that I got the library working at all are amazing. If I learned how to do stuff with it beyond creating an image and just writing pixels the hard way who knows what may happen.
These 4 screenshots show the details and I’m making a major backup of the source code everywhere I can as well.
checkerScreenshot (89)Screenshot (90)Screenshot (91)

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