J and the Red Dress

There is a story I’d like to tell you because it’s really quite funny but at the same time a little sad. There was this girl who decided she wanted to be my girlfriend. I’ll refer to her as J.

You see J met me online and thought she was in love with me. I was cool with it at first until she started doing dangerous things like trying to hitchhike to my town. Later she came on a train with no warning without permission from me and my mom. She stayed with us for a few days but acted stranger over time and we now know she is bipolar and was having a hyper manic episode.

She also repeatedly tried to kiss me and talk me into having sex and I was pretty upset about that because I had explained first thing to her that I was never going to have sex with her or anyone.

But during that time I learned a few things. First not to reveal where I lived to people I don’t know very well online. The second and most important thing for me was that I had confirmation beyond a shadow of a doubt that I had no sexual interest in women. Here was this girl who would run around in our apartment naked and was begging me to have sex with her too. My only thought was hoping that she would find someone else for that and stop pestering me.

I feel really bad for her because I know she knows not what she does and I have no anger at her. I just hope she gets the emotional help and medication that she needs and reaches stability in her life.

And the third thing I learned happened the time when she let me wear her red dress. I remember the feeling I got from that and will never forget. Thank you J, where ever you are and I wish you the best.

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