Hikari and Yami Love Poem

I’ll tell you a story both black and white. Of darkness who loved the light.
And light loved the darkness but when the light came near, the darkness would disappear.

H: Why do you run when I appear? What is it that you fear?

Y: I have no fear it’s just the way. I rule the night and you rule the day.
H: I want you with me in the day. There must be something to make you stay.
Y: I cannot stay, it is a rule. Whoever made it is a fool.
H: This makes me sad and want to cry, I won’t give up till we die.
Y: Do not cry, only shine. For I am yours and you are mine.
H: For you I’ll shine, and nature rewrite, so that darkness can coexist with light.
Y: Shine brightly Hikari for in the night, the smallest candle gives those who are lost sight.
H: And you,my Yami, stay as black as you are, and know that I am never far.

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