I Need Alone Time

I have a real problem of not being left alone by my mother. Whether I am trying to read a book or following a tutorial about the C# programming language, none of it matters to her nor is she aware of what I am trying to do or what is important to me. She yells at me about something either she’s angry that I didn’t do or complaining to me about what her students and their families do. My happiest times are when she is asleep, busy teaching students, or I am somewhere else out of the house relaxing. These times are very rare and I just know that my mom is holding me back from my full potential of who I could be if only I had the time to learn the things I want and be who I want to be without worrying that she will be angry at me for something and yell.

I work 5 days a week and buy all the groceries. I massage her muscles when she asks and bring her things she needs. I don’t understand why on my two days off a week from work I can’t work on my art, computer programming, or play my video games. I just want to be left alone and right now it’s all I care about.

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