I am more powerful than my mother’s god

I have been frustrated for years about my mom misunderstanding why I am an atheist. I am not “rejecting god” but I have come to the conclusion that the best possible explanation for why nobody can agree on who or what god is or why god does not intervene in the world to correct the religious people is because god does not exist.

In all seriousness, how is it that Christians can have disagreements about abortion or gay marriage. They are even divided on the issue of veganism. I would expect that if the Christian god exists that he could show up and make clear what he really thinks.

What IS the Christian attitude towards the unborn, homosexuals, or the non-human animals? If you ask different Christians they all have different answers. This is because they are NOT receiving their information from a common source. They each have their own little god that they create in their own image which has the same opinion as them.

And as I think back to my memories of the days when I used to pray at the creek and ask god these questions I had on my mind, I was frustrated that I never got an answer. I used to ask god to erase me from existence because I didn’t want to go to heaven or hell. I wanted to just end my suffering.

And you know, I would have REALLY appreciated it if god could have spoken to me and explained veganism. I would really have liked to know the truth about what was going on so that I could have changed my life and gone vegan at a younger age rather than waiting till I was 26 and finding out from strangers on the internet about what was being done to these animals and that the best way to help them was to stop eating or and using animal products in general.

But no, this god never explained veganism to me or my mother and left us in ignorance. Such a god that is silent, even if it exists, cannot be a god of love or care about the animal suffering or human health.

Nearly any human can communicate in person, phone, email, and even record videos. If god exists and has anything he cares about, all he needs to do is start a YouTube channel, a blog, and maybe give some public speeches explaining to us what “true Christianity” is. But no, instead I have to hear about this “loving god” from my mother because she exists and her god that she speaks about is silent and most likely just her imagination.

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