I Love You but I Don’t Like You

The way I feel about humans is complicated. With rare exceptions, I don’t like them. There are a few here and there that are tolerable but I pretty much find most to be completely a waste of space. Most are selfish, greedy, and just plain shallow. They care greatly about which sports team wins a football or baseball game but they care nothing for the animals who they eat while making jokes about how they love bacon and talking about how great they are because they are a Christian or because they went to college or make a lot of money.

And then there are others that are somewhat like me. Some I have a great liking of them because they are vegans and at least have some moral integrity. I find that veganism is an absolute minimum we can do because the alternative is to be murdering directly or indirectly.

But even the 1% of good people can’t outweigh the actions of the 99% of bad people. If I could wipe out the human race by pushing a button, I would do so without hesitation. I know this would wipe me out too but whatever, I’ll die eventually anyway.

In spite of this, I will do no violence to anybody. I won’t kill them because I literally cannot do it and because I still follow the golden rule. But if that magic button that could wipe out all existence was real I’d press it because I would no longer live to regret it and nobody would suffer.

Preventing suffering is what is most important to me. My promotion of veganism, celibacy, and rants against religion are all part of it. No wonder I don’t have many friends! People just don’t like being around a person who will depress them with the truth. Sure I’m miserable but at least I’m honest, unlike most people.

I can still say I love humans though because my redefinition of love is the golden rule. It is a love without feeling. My love is neither sexual nor any other feeling. All my feelings about humans are generally negative and there are exceptions but I dare not mention any specific people to keep them anonymous. I do wish there were more of them and that I had a group to be part of. I’m quite a confused mess. I’d like friends who I connect with but I also want everyone to stop existing!


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