Why I’m an Ally to the LGBTQIA+ Community

I am probably the most unlikely person to be interested in LGBTQIA+ type of issues given my fundamentalist protestant Christian background. I was raised as a Christian and taught the Bible. Of course I heard all the time that the Bible was all literal historical truth. Sure there were some who thought parts of it were allegory but God never showed up to settle any disagreements on interpretation of the Bible.

Because I was struggling with gender issues in my 20s and because I overcame speciesism and went vegan for the animals, it only makes sense that I’ve come to a place in my life where I don’t care about whether God exists or not. Either way the Bible and Churches are the biggest threat I know of to animals and to gay and transgender humans because they cause people to believe that God gave humans permission to eat animals and that homosexuals must be executed. While there are only a few verses that seem to be talking about homosexuality that doesn’t keep the Christians from picking on gay people for their “sins” while completely ignoring everything Jesus said about the golden rule and loving your neighbor as yourself.

So in short, I’ve become to disgusted with Christianity and all the harm that comes from these beliefs which come from the Bible that I have an interest in helping the LGBTQIA+ community because I believe it WILL be the downfall of Christianity because Christians have already lost so much of their influence and the only legal issues they seem to get involved in anymore have to do with gay marriage, transgender care, or abortion.

But there is one more thing. Gay, transgender, and asexual people are extremely unlikely to reproduce and therefore are automatically better in my opinion than straight people because I want the human race to go extinct.

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