SDL Chaste Font

I translated my font library to use the SDL library this time. This means I could use the same font functions when making an SDL game instead of Raylib. I plan to make a simple SDL only game at some point.

Below are some screenshots of code and a demo.

I do like SDL because I find the code easier to read in some cases. It just doesn’t have all the polygon drawing features that I typically expect such as drawing filled triangles. I am also very ignorant about all the features it has since SDL2. I also read that SDL3 is in development so it is quite possible that the features I want might be in a future version. Until then I will be learning more how to use SDL and make a much simpler game than Chaste Tris or Chaste Puyo were.

I am still deciding what type of game it will be and how I might implement it. I am playing other games to get inspiration.

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