Tetris Queen

Recently, I changed my Facebook gaming page username to ChastityTetrisQueen. It’s where I post most of my Tetris videos besides my YouTube and Rumble. I play other games too but Tetris has inspired me to change the lyrics of Dancing Queen as a parody.

Start the game and the stack is low
I don’t know where this piece should go
Holding onto an I block
Then I spin the T
That’s how I get high scores
One misdrop and my stack gets high
Blocks don’t fit and I wonder why
With a downstacking combo
Everything is fine
I stack for Tetris clears
And when I get the chance

I am the Tetris Queen
Perfect clear
Start new opening
Tetris Queen
Game speeds up level 17, oh nooo!
When I fail
I retry
Having the time of my life
See that girl
Playing to spin the T

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