Honesty Copyright Page

When I published my Chandler’s Honesty story, I did not include a copyright page. However I later wrote the following that I may include in the books later on. I did not want the same old boring copyright notice that most other books have. The purpose of my series of books is very different.

Copyright © 2021 Chastity White Rose

This book is copyrighted by author Chastity White Rose, who was born as Chandler Isaac Klebs. This is a true story of Chandler’s journey of recovery from sexual abuse and religious indoctrination. This story is meant to show that beautiful dreams can happen for anyone and that truth can come to those who need answers and healing in their own life.

As such, this book may be copied and distributed by anyone on the condition that it is for the purpose of being read by others who will in some way be helped in their own life. But claiming that you wrote this story and attempting to profit from it financially would be dishonest.

Therefore no copyright infringement can take place as long as your actions are done with a pure heart and truthfulness. The only law that Chastity obeys is truth. Honesty the unicorn is the form of truth in this book. When you find your truth, you must listen to what it tells you.

To support the author financially, please buy copies of the paperback available on Amazon.com or buy one of the many forms of ebooks available on Smashwords or Amazon Kindle. Also consider writing a review on these sites or even your own website.


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