Sex, Religion & Biopantheism

I asked to talk with Poffo on the topic of sexuality and how our response to it is an essential aspect of any person’s worldview. Poffo and I disagree on whether there exists a healthy and purely good form of sexuality. To me, sexuality requires a worldview in which to explain the meaning and purpose of all things. Unlike Poffo, I believe that Nature made a mistake.

Poffo’s statement:
** Sex & Sexuality ** I believe that sex is a healthy, wholesome, incredibly powerful activity/experience, that should be embraced and enjoyed by all, but only in the context of yourself or two or more *consenting* adults, and only if your activities are not harming to yourself or damaging to others. Obviously, this would imply that procreation and human reproduction should be discouraged, because it violates both of these principles, in that it is a non-consensual act (from the viewpoint of your offspring), that imposes the inevitable hardship and suffering of life onto the potential child being born, since it will inevitably cause harm to them or to others, in some way, shape or form. For modern humans, intentional breeding is ALWAYS a selfish act, that is guaranteed to cause sickness, death, pain, discomfort, trauma, turmoil, suffering and disease, to your potential child and those around them (this is the view of all Anti-natalists, but it is not something i have incorporated into Biopan in any significant way). Getting back to the subject of sex, another important point to consider is this: if it is not a desirable thing to someone personally, then it should in no way be forced or imposed upon them (as in the case with anyone on the asexual spectrum). Romance, passion, sensuality, intimacy, and physical pleasure should be encouraged under the parameters of the guidelines i mentioned above and in the video. Marriage or committed, monogamous relationships are not a required or necessary prerequisite, but a healthy mind and body are. Pre-marital sex, extra-marital sexual activity, masturbation, fornication and promiscuity, are not condemned, but the exploitation, manipulation, or glorification of our bodies, physical intimacy, and erotic or sexual sensation, that is co-opted and usurped for selfish or financial gain, recreated falsely as an illusion to others for money and portrayed in a dishonest way, as in the case with strippers, pornography, prostitution, escorts, or any form of sex-worker activity, that is superficial, dishonest, one-sided or isolated, without any other emotional component, will inevitably lead to problems (not necessarily for those choosing to do this, but for the observers on a psychological and emotional level). Aside from these forms of hijacking and manipulation, humans can engage in committed, monogamous, polyamorous, same-sex, opposite-sex, virtual-sex, or solo-sex, as long as they want, any time they want, with whomever they want, in whatever way they chose, as long as it doesn’t induce guilt, shame, self-hatred, self-loathing, self-condemnation, or become an unhealthy preoccupation or fixation, that interferes with other areas of life and inhibits your ability to function in a holistic way. Sexual desires should be pursued and fulfilled mutually and intentionally, not repressed or suppressed, demonized, judged or condemned. Sexual fantasies should be pursued and experienced in a balanced and healthy way, that allows for the exploration of pleasure, intimacy, sensuality, and the release of sexual energy and tension in a deliberate and wholesome way, that does not interfere with other aspects of life, or cause psychological or emotional problems to the individual. The Biopantheism outlook on sex is that we are all animals, and that this activity/experience, served a necessary utilitarian function, that allowed all species on this planet to evolve and proliferate… and in the higher organisms, facilitate certain important bonds and strengthen familial ties needed for survival. This was a necessary and useful adaptation, and i do not believe that Nature in Its unconscious wisdom, made a “mistake” by creating or allowing it to exist. As with anything else in life, context and intention is key and how it is used or experienced in each situation, determines whether or not it is a healthy and wholesome action. Any preoccupation, fixation, or obsession, that leads to a dysfunctional or destructive imbalance of mind and body, should be avoided and discouraged. AND, that includes the demonization and phobic response/reaction and aversion to it, based on past traumas and negative experiences. Basically, in my ontology, you can have any view you want when it comes to sex under the Biopan paradigm, as long as it is not a *negative* view and your actions don’t involve children, family members, non-human animals, or doing something self-destructive or obsessive. As long as it is being experienced between two or more consenting adults and no one is being harmed, I will always view it as a good thing.

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