The Relevance of Software and Excellent Books

Because the knowledge of OpenGL I have so far comes from a variety of sources. I should be keeping track of all the best places to get the information I frequently reference whenever I learn things or need to look up a function. So this post will serve as a reminder of some of my learning sources in my journey.

The specifications for various versions can be found here.

The reference that I use the most frequently for my legacy OpenGL programming. Something about the layout is pleasing to me.

Another great reference that shows several different versions. Perfect for looking up a function and seeing which versions support it.

The lazyfoo tutorials were how I personally got my very first start in OpenGL. However it took me a long time because I converted the examples into pure ansi C89 instead of the original C++. Most people wouldn’t do this.

Although I have had great success in using OpenGL for some animations I’ve published on YouTube, Rumble, and other social media, I do find that the subject of OpenGL is weirdly intimidating for new people trying to learn about it. It’s the burden of choice of which libraries to use for creating the context(glfw vs. freeglut) or for loading modern extensions (glad vs. glew), or whether to use legacy vs. more modern core versions.

There are so many different types of programmers who each have their own opinion on how things should be done as well and the people who make decisions on specifications and different support in GPUs or Operating systems that perhaps using OpenGL for graphics is not ever going to be as simple as using a different library(SDL, Allegro, SFML, Raylib) or even a different programming language which has graphics built into its standard library(Freebasic,Java,etc.).

Basically programming(especially graphics) is not as easy as I thought it was when I first started at 14 years old. But at the same time the challenge is precisely why I love it so much. If it was something anybody could do, it would not be as great of an accomplishment. I know a bit but I also know how much there is that I don’t know. But the journey has made me smarter. Perhaps someday I will even write a programming book or at least a tutorial that I make available online.

Making software in this modern age makes a real world difference. The software is just as important as the hardware it runs on when you consider that the internet and the information available to people makes a real world difference in who lives or dies. Therefore even basic knowledge I have attained such as managing my websites and my journey into exploring open source software has enabled me to know enough to publish my books and also my mom’s books. The software that powers book publishing as well as what we are able to find online is the only hope we have for improvement in this world because it allows information to travel to people faster than ever before.

Also I want to give a big thumbs up to my friend Poffo Ortiz who is a very powerful Vegan activist and author of several of his own books. I am at this time at page 130 of his book: “The Portal of Adamastos”. I haven’t finished it yet but this book is really interesting! You can find this book and others linked to from his site here:

And last but not least, do not forget about my recently published book: “Chandler’s Honesty”

I do believe I have talked about more topics in one post than ever before. I leave you now with one final piece of advice:

Be excellent to each other

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