Personal Community Guidelines

This post serves both as an introduction to who I am as well as my own terms of service or community guidelines that I personally follow. This was inspired by the fact that YouTube has repeatedly deleted my videos and threatened to delete my channel for violating their “community guidelines”. Facebook has also been similar in this way.

The name I wish to be called is Chastity White Rose. This is a statement about my vow of celibacy, moral purity, and commitment to non violence and respecting life. Although I have never intentionally caused harm with any of my social media posts, there has been attempts by the “liberal” media to censor the good people who spread awareness about real actual violence done to others. This includes the abortion of the unborn, the rape and killing of animals in factory farms, and the injuries and death caused by vaccines. Anyone who believes and talks as I do is labeled as harmful and is ridiculed or censored.

I do believe that this is because of financial interests. Very powerful and rich people make a lot of money from such violence. They make billions of dollars from abortion, animal agriculture, and selling vaccines. They use fear and lies to brainwash people into buying their products. I on the other hand have made no money by expressing my opinions that these things are dangerous and wrong.

I believe in freedom of speech and that nobody should be stopped in any way from expressing what they think and feel. For example, just because I am an atheist and don’t believe in god does not mean that I would ever support those who want to ban the bible or quran or people talking about the gods they believe in. This is because as soon as we restrict information, we never hear about anything to know whether or not we agree or disagree.

So anyone may agree or disagree with me about anything I have said or will say in the future. But you don’t get to tell me what I can say or which words I may use. I have dedicated my life to living in a way which brings happiness and reduces violence and pain. I am a pro-life ethical vegan and my favorite things to do are create art in computer programming or video games. I have published many books and written many things online. However I find that because of censorship, I will have to take effort to make sure that the things I say are posted in multiple places so that when my posts or accounts are deleted by the people who don’t like truth I will always have record of exactly what I said and my valuable time will not be wasted. I don’t want to spend hours recording videos or writing text only to have it deleted without a trace.

The best anyone can hope for is to live in the way they feel is right and to leave a mark on the world that will be appreciated even after their death. I will not be silenced and I will not be forgotten.

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