Hour of Polygons

This is a new and improved video which has only one polygon at a time instead of the target of multples. This makes it take less time to produce the frames. The framerate has been lowered to 24 and so now the total frames are 24*60*60 == 86400. This means both less work for my program as well as smaller file size while still similar quality. Also, I fixed a bug in my code that previous made it skip certain star polygons. The error involved integer division.

The problem was that the step variable was set to be reset to 1 whenever it was greater than or equal to the number of points divided by 2. The problem is that in the case of a regular pentagram, the points are 5 and the step is 2. But since 5/2 equals 2 because of integer division(instead of 2.5), my program failed to account for this situation. The source code(I have many branches of source code which use different libraries or programming languages) can be found at my sourceforge project here.


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