Programming Goals

Because I work 50 hours a week and live with my mom who has a tendency to want me to do things when I want to be left alone, I can’t dedicate the time to my goals of programming and learning the Unix/Linux system administration that I want.

I have big dreams that could not only be incredibly fun but also could turn into a computer career.

My BBM graphics project is the most impressive thing I’ve ever done and the cool checkerboard animations are just the start. I want to add features that exist in other libraries such as copying part of one image onto another.

My code is different in that it doesn’t use any object oriented programming features. No classes or even structures. It’s all done with pointers and other arguments to functions such as the width and height of the image. In recent times, my functions take a bits per pixel argument which is used to save image files using different degrees of grayscale or even reduce the number of colors in other ways. A lossy compression which works best with video game type graphics. Think NES or Gameboy to get an idea of the kind of images I’m talking about.

I have code for the BMP, TIFF, PBM, PGM, PPM, and PAM formats. I also installed the ImageMagick and NetPBM tools which allow me to use commands to change those formats into others(how I made the animated GIF files my friends have seen on my Facebook account.

And I’m not even using a real Unix environment yet but have customized my old Windows 10 computer with MSYS2 to compile my code and run other Unix commands. This means I have the Bash shell and if I ever succeed in getting my own apartment I will also learn shell scripting to a degree that may even allow me to run my own Minecraft server like Jamie already is doing and also a basic web server like I had on Ubuntu Linux years ago. I’ll collect old computers and connect them to the internet do handle these things and run a computer lab and teach people how to use computers or people already comfortable with basic usage how to get started programming.

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