Rant of the day

The first problem with the consistent life ethic as described by Wikipedia is that it only includes human life and therefore is not consistent enough for me.

Second opposing assisted suicide is not something I’m interested in because quite seriously a person must have the right to end their life when it’s no longer worth it.

For example if something happened where I was permanently blind. My life would be over since I could not work and make money or do my art.

The consistent life is a good start but there is a difference between ending your own life and that of another without their permission.


PS: To all the people who have tried to tell me that a fetus is no more sentient than a carrot or something similar, I’ll never believe that and even if you were right, the problem is society doesn’t seem interested in preventing pregnancy or permanent sterilization surgery would be promoted by everyone and tax funded too as it should be.

But people make money off of selling abortions and birth control pills and their greed is the reason why we don’t have the policies required to prevent pregnancy in the first place. That’s what we should be agreed on and work toward, not making abortion illegal, but preventing pregnancy in the first place.

People think I call myself pro-life to mean my goal is about making abortion illegal but to be against something means you want to stop it from happening, not that you want to “punish” people or make them go to jail. Nobody should be punished because nobody has a free will and nobody deserves anything.

But people are not usually on the level to understand that fact and they have the nerve to think people choose their actions. Nobody chooses their actions because those actions are the effects of prior causes. That is determinism and without that understanding nobody will learn to prevent abortion because they don’t know why it happens. Don’t think for a minute that I don’t know the social and financial reasons it happens. And that’s why we need to fix those problems. How to do it will be a talk we will all have.

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