Programming Goals

My third format will be known as BPM or Binary Pixel Map. It will be capable of storing ANY image file ever made up to 24 bits Red, Green, Blue but also capable of 1,2,4, or 8 bits grayscale.

This means it’s capable of doing anything my other formats BBM and BGM can do. But I like all 3 formats equally because I made them up.

There are many good image formats available but they tend to be compressed which makes them hard to read and write from a programming perspective. So far my code is capable of loading and saving a few different formats. If I were to combine my code with a graphics library in any programming language, I could write a conversion tool which can convert between my BBM,BGM, and BPM formats and others such as PNG,GIF,and JPEG.

It’s a lot of work that I’ll do if I can ever get my own apartment but if I succeed then I’ll want to make another sourceforge project which people can download the tool and several image files in my own formats and then convert them into another format so they can see the images in their preferred image viewer.

Or maybe I’ll even make a viewer tool which specifically allows viewing of the files in a window.

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