Pro-life Vegan Rant

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In the original post, George said: “With all these dumb “abortion isn’t vegan” posts lately, I figured some of you pro-birthers could use a friendly reminder of the kinds of people who agree with you on that issue. And who doesn’t love Westboro Baptist Church, right? Amongst all these signs displaying insanely homophobic and racist rhetoric, you’ll find one at the bottom right that decries abortion. It’s been circled for your convenience. So much compassion in one picture! Because as you all love to say, “You can’t be a compassionate vegan unless you’re pro-life,” right?Well if the congregation at Westboro Baptist are your kind of people, then please carry on.”

I want to criticize this ridiculous post George Chapman wrote. His argument was basically that pro-life people are bad because they happen to agree with the Westboro Baptist Church on one thing, that abortion is bloody murder.
First of all there is no logical connection between abortion and all the other crazy shit that the WBC believes. Abortion can still be bloody murder and they can be right about that even if their other anti-gay and telling people God hates them is completely wrong. Whatever else you may believe about abortion or homosexuality doesn’t actually matter here. The point is that someone can be wrong about one thing and right about another.
And I’ll be honest here, most of the people who call themselves pro-life are complete hypocrites. Some of their policies politically as well as their lifestyles are in contradiction with their opposition to abortion.
And yes I DO believe that being pro-life necessitates that you should be vegan, otherwise you are just being speciesist. And the reverse is true too. For this reason I cannot be pro-choice about abortion just as I cannot be pro-choice about meat, dairy, eggs, honey, leather, horse racing, etc.
I do not have ANY legal power to stop people from doing any of those things and I do not even vote. And many times people have told me that if I do not like abortion then I should “keep it in my pants”. Well yeah that’s precisely why I’m a single virgin at 32 years old and why I will always be celibate. It is precisely because I do believe abortion is a form of murder that I refuse to get someone pregnant. That’s not the only reason of course but long before I found out I’m transgender and asexual anyway I had already decided not to take that risk.
And I became vegan because I wanted to be consistently pro-life. And the only thing people like George Chapman inspire me to do is promote the cause of both the anti-abortion and the cause of veganism. People act like I have to choose one or the other, but no I don’t. I won’t be speciesist like the carnist pro-lifers nor the pro-choice vegans. I have a much different idea than them and yet people make really dumb assumptions about me who do not know me.

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