I have become increasingly sick of Facebook for its censorship of vegan and anti-vaccination posts on people’s timeline.

Additionally I’ve had two posts that were related to neither of those. One was a link to a book on Amazon and another was the one where I called Nintendo Communist for deleting a transgender flag stage someone made in Super Smash Bros Ultimate. But Facebook did not like that and deleted it.

But yeah when you make sure people can’t say certain words that’s censorship and I really don’t like it.

Of course there are probably a lot of other reasons I should not spend time on Facebook but I have a lot of people on there that I don’t have contact info for outside of Facebook.

I know I’ll still keep my Facebook account but only because it is tied to my Love Nikki Dress Up Queen game on the iPhone.

I ask anyone else who reads this and wants to not lose contact with me to email me at :


And I know I will have freedom of speech outside of the internet but only when I get my own apartment where no one can hear me anyway. But that kinda defeats the point of the internet plus most people worth relating to don’t live in Lee’s Summit.

I really only like people who are vegan or at least video game or programming nerds who can talk about cool stuff with no controversy.

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