SFML success!

I can’t believe how easy this SFML library is to use once I got past the installation and setting up the project to include the header files and link to the libraries. After I compiled the green circle example I modified the code while referencing the documentation and found out this library has everything I could want!
I can create a window of any size I want and change the color of the circle to any value. I also found out that when I’m in CodeBlocks I can hover the mouse cursor over a function and it shows me the argument types!
The possibilities of what I could do with the built in shapes are practically endless once I learn more of the API. I hope to make animations that play inside a window without requiring image or video files. However, since I have already learned how to use Imagemagick to do things with files I could combine it as well if I want anything that SFML can’t do such as load more file formats.
screenshot (140)screenshot (141)screenshot (142)screenshot (143)screenshot (144)screenshot (145)

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