To Judge or Not to Judge

To Judge or Not to Judge

My mother got on my case about how wrong I am to judge people for murdering animals because most of them don’t know better.
However I am confused as to what she means when she talks about not judging.
If someone tells me not to judge them, usually I find out they mean that they want me to never explain that they are wrong about something they do. They want me to pretend that there is no right and wrong and play the game of moral relativism.
And I believe this silly attitude about judging comes from reading this silly bible verse that I don’t understand anyway and besides I don’t care about because I’m not a Christian.
And until somebody really clarifies what they mean by judging, I’m not having a conversation.
But in my experience this phrase has always seemed to mean that people are trying to tell me: “Never criticize anything I do or tell me that the killing of animals or the unborn babies is wrong!”
Well my response to that is: Don’t you ever tell me I’m wrong for telling you that what you are doing is wrong! If you do then you’re doing the same thing to me that you don’t like me doing to you, and that makes you the hypocrite.
But I’m not a hypocrite because I’m not the fool that said anyone including me should not be judged.
And I am grateful that the other vegans told me that what I was taught to do was wrong. If nobody knows what they are doing is wrong, how can they change?
So I say judge yourself and others for this is the way to improvement!
And specifically to my vegan friends I say judge the difference between the carnists who are merely ignorant and those who will never change because they do know they are doing wrong and simply don’t care.

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