The Journey Begins

This is a new blog I am starting and this is the first post. The name I will refer to myself from here on is Chastity. I like the meaning of this word and feel that it applies to me because of my vow of celibacy. I am not religious at all but similar to a catholic priest or nun, I believe that refraining from sexual activity is the key to a truly morally perfect life. Most will not agree with this and so I am keeping my identity private so that I can share my experiences in my life about trying to live ethically and show the world that there is true love but it does not come to those who conflate sex with love.
People say they fall in love but what they really mean is that they are hormonal and want to do something to someone else’s body. It’s not love but merely a biological function that nearly everybody does and so there is nothing special about it. People are looking for love but it always seems to require that they have sex with somebody in order to feel loved.
Look, I’m no love expert but I do think that the word love is overused and used in so many contexts that nobody really knows what it means. And maybe I really don’t know either but I can tell you what I think true love is or what it should have been.
That is going to be the main topic of this blog as I figure it out myself and talk about the difference between sexual attraction and what I call love.
The following is the definition Google gives for chastity. I hope to talk about all these synonyms and what they all mean to me.
chas·ti·ty’CHast?de/Submitnounthe state or practice of refraining from extramarital, or especially from all, sexual intercourse.”vows of chastity”synonyms: celibacy, chasteness, virginity, abstinence, self-restraint, self-denial, continence; innocence, purity, virtue, morality”a vow of chastity”
It’s hard to say how far I’ll get with this blog but I hope those who do read it will find it refreshing and enlightening.

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