People Are Too Stupid

I know it’s not polite to call people stupid but it’s sure what I think most humans are most of the time. When I see the kinds of excuses people make to justify animal killing or the things people say prove the existence of their particular God, I find that people lack basic sense.

But you know, some people I can really learn to like even if they are stupid. While being intelligent is important for making the right ethical decisions, it’s far from the most important thing. The most important part is having good intentions and being kind enough to care about others. Because even if you know the facts but lack the love that motivates you to do the right things, all the knowledge in the world won’t do any good.

However either the love or intelligence is any good when isolated. People may have good intentions but accidentally harm others without the knowledge they need to help them. For example, when somebody is grieving over the death of a loved one, people may tell them that they will see them again in heaven. Sure it works for religous people but brings no comfort to someone who is an atheist or is already doomed to hell according to the religion because they are gay or because that religion teaches that only humans live after death. I have thought about this most recently because I know someone who is upset about the death of her dog. There is very little comfort anyone can offer in a situation like that.

Sadly, I find that humans always have greater potential to hurt others than they do to help them. Humans can kill but they cannot bring someone back to life. They can say words that hurt someone but they can never change things so that it’s the same as if they never said them.

To me, the idea of death being the end of existence is the only comfort I can find in the sea of misery that life so often is. Others may not understand this and may think I am depressed. But in any case, I know that there is nothing that they can say that makes the good in this world outweigh the bad. There is happiness but there is always more pain than any of us would wish.

And seriously, my life is actually pretty good right now but someday I will die and I am able to look at this reality in the face and yet still try to go on. I can do this because I’m a strong person and also smart enough to know that because my time is limited, I must make the most of it.

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