How Frozen and Frozen II's music codes Elsa as aroace

This just makes too much sense and explains why I relate to Elsa.


If you’re reading this essay, you’re probably already aware that manypeoplelikereadingElsaasqueer. But if you’re not, the basic gist is that while Elsa isn’t canonically queer, her character resonates with many queer people who can draw connections between her experiences of having ice powers in a kingdom of non-magical people, and their own experiences of being queer in a society of cishet people. (That’s a bit of a mouthful to explain, so people normally say that she’s coded as queer for short.) This is yet another essay about reading Elsa as queer, but I’m expanding on existing writing in two ways: first, I’m exploring the ways that Elsa is coded specifically as both aromantic and asexual, or aroace for short 12. Second, I’m focusing on how the music in particular 3 codes Elsa as aroace.

Part I: Frozen

Frozen Heart

From the…

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New Book: The Many Sides of Suicide

This is the latest book published by my mother, Judena Klebs. I have read it while in the process of helping her get it edited and published and I believe it is a much needed resource for those who have struggled with thoughts of suicide or who are grieving over the suicide of loved ones.

The Many Sides of Suicide shows a bigger picture of the problem of suicide than is shown in many books on the subject. It is written with the everyday person in mind rather than in medical textbook language. It is also meant both for those seeking help and for those who desire to be helpful.

Honesty Copyright Page

When I published my Chandler’s Honesty story, I did not include a copyright page. However I later wrote the following that I may include in the books later on. I did not want the same old boring copyright notice that most other books have. The purpose of my series of books is very different.

Copyright © 2021 Chastity White Rose

This book is copyrighted by author Chastity White Rose, who was born as Chandler Isaac Klebs. This is a true story of Chandler’s journey of recovery from sexual abuse and religious indoctrination. This story is meant to show that beautiful dreams can happen for anyone and that truth can come to those who need answers and healing in their own life.

As such, this book may be copied and distributed by anyone on the condition that it is for the purpose of being read by others who will in some way be helped in their own life. But claiming that you wrote this story and attempting to profit from it financially would be dishonest.

Therefore no copyright infringement can take place as long as your actions are done with a pure heart and truthfulness. The only law that Chastity obeys is truth. Honesty the unicorn is the form of truth in this book. When you find your truth, you must listen to what it tells you.

To support the author financially, please buy copies of the paperback available on or buy one of the many forms of ebooks available on Smashwords or Amazon Kindle. Also consider writing a review on these sites or even your own website.

Mistakes Fixed

I already published my book on January 17th 2021. However I was attempting to read it during a livestream and noticed some pretty big mistakes in chapters 7 and 9. A few paragraphs had to be changed because words were out of order. I’m very surprised that even my mom missed them when proofreading.

You can listen to my video of me reading it. Consider it a sample of the first 10 chapters if you’re too lazy to read.

You can buy this book here. If you notice any more mistakes while reading it, please let me know because it helps me fix them before confusing others.

Maker of Light

C: Honesty, if you know why I am here, will you tell me?

H: That’s not really my style, but by the time I am done with you, you will be telling me the reason you are here, although I already know the answer. Consider this a test and me as your teacher.

C: What kind of a test?

H: I will ask you some simple questions about you and your beliefs. You will find out precisely what you are by your answers.

C: What is your first question?

H: It’s sort of a loaded series of questions, but here goes: What is your belief about the origin of life and the universe. You have asked me why you are here, but I want to ask you, why do you think that you are here? And not just that, why are any of us here at all? Why is there something rather than nothing? What is the meaning of life and the universe?

C: Come on, Honesty, you can’t be serious. You know that I don’t claim to know the answers to these ancient questions.

H: Yes, Chastity, and never before have you claimed to, but everyone has some belief about these things. Tell me what you think of these things. If you think something different later you can always tell me then.

C: Very well, I believe that there always was life. I believe that there was no beginning and there will be no end. There can be no simple answer to the meaning of life or what purpose there is for the life forms on this planet or anywhere else because such an answer would limit that purpose. To put it into human words would limit the relevance of all that it is!

H: But if you did put it into words, what would you say.

C: It’s complicated!

H: And that is the truth! You have learned well, Chastity.

C: Well I did have a good teacher!

H: Thanks!

C: What is your next question?

H: You believe that people should be celibate to avoid unwanted pregnancy that results in abortion. What is the difference between preventing their existence by non-procreation and killing them before birth?

C: Well the difference is obvious. I know they do not feel any pain or suffer during that short time they are aborted if they never existed to be aborted. I’m not even sure why you would ask such a simple question.

H: Very well said, but that is not what I am actually asking. Let me restate this. Whether they never exist or whether they are aborted, they never go on to continue their lives on earth. Of course it makes a difference in terms of suffering and in the money spent on abortions, but this question is actually more about whether those babies belong here. Do you think that they don’t belong here to do whatever it is they will do?

C: It’s not about that, it is more about the fact that there are already those that are here that have no families and need adoption. To create more people instead of taking care of those in need here is selfish, wasteful, and a slap in the face to all the orphans, poor, disabled, sick, and elderly that need our help. And beyond that, I also cannot create new humans because I know that they would most likely not be vegan. They would cause more animals to be bred into existence only to suffer much pain and then be killed so someone can eat them or wear their remains. So, for me, it’s really about reducing suffering of the humans as well as preventing them from hurting other animals rather than me saying those lives have any less value, meaning, or purpose than my own life or that of anyone else here.

H: You have answered truthfully as always. I already knew you would, but remember what you just told me because it directly relates to the next question. You have just told me how important to you preventing suffering is, but you are also committed to the truth. Tell me, what do you do when these two values are in conflict?

C: Can you give an example where these two are in conflict? I don’t think I’ll ever need to choose between these two because they go together! The truth will lead to less suffering overall.

H: But consider this: What if people cannot be persuaded to change their ways based on the truth? What if they will not live as a Vegan for the animals because they are selfish and don’t care about them. What if they needed to be tricked into doing the right thing for the wrong reason? If that were the case, would you think it right for vegan activists to lie and make up other reasons to tell them so that they change?

C: No, I already made the Vow of Honesty. I will not go back on my word and lie to anyone no matter the cost. I can lose my life but I will not let anyone take my honesty! It is the one thing that makes me different!

H: And that’s your answer, Chastity!

C: What are you talking about?

H: You wanted to know why you are here in this world. You wanted to know why you belong here and what you are meant to be doing. You just explained that you are willing to lose even your life for the truth and this is what makes you different! Everyone has their value but since you asked me about yours, the value of your life and the reason you are here is that you were made for this! You were placed here for such a time as this when the world has lost the light of truth!

C: The light of truth?

H: Yes, the truth is a light that holds the balance of all things and keeps love in the world. Long ago, the light of truth was in the world, but at some point mankind lost this light. Men preferred the darkness because their deeds were evil. They became selfish and their love grew cold because they stayed away from the light. Even now, the light shines in the soul of the innocent, but the darkness has not understood it.

C: Will the light shine again for mankind ever again?

H: I do not know, but if the candle ever goes out, there is no bringing it back. But there is still hope. As long as there is one who loves truth with all their heart, all their soul, all their strength, and all their mind, they may succeed in bringing it back. Many have tried but when the moment of truth came, they lied to protect their own life or the lives of those closest to them. Even those who did not lie remained silent and hid their truth. Yet there were some who kept their integrity till the bitter end. They died for what they believed in.

C: And you believe that I am one who can carry the light of truth back to humanity?

H: Yes, for you are the bearer of the light of truth. You were given the name Chandler when you were born because you are a maker of light. You will carry the candle of the light of truth in a way that others were not able to do. For you hold nothing back. Everything you do you put all your heart, soul, strength, and mind into. But also you are Chastity White Rose because you are the pure love flower of light. You understand that true love must be unconditional and not simply a payment owed to someone. You have devoted your life to the truth even to the point of denying yourself sexual pleasure that most humans would lie or even kill to get. Because you will not be stopped by the weights that hold others back, you will be able to take your candle and go light your world! That is why I told you that you belong here!

C: I see what you mean now, Honesty. You have explained what I needed to know. So I can promise you to never tell myself that I do not belong or that I should not be here.

H: Very good, Chastity! I wish I could tell you more about your future but some things must be experienced rather than heard. For there are things that must remain a mystery so that those who love the darkness will not destroy the bearers of light.

C: The bearers of light?

H: Yes, you are but one of them. There are others that you know. They have given up family, friends, jobs, and in some cases even their lives. But know this, I am the truth, and he or she who loses their life for my sake will find it.