Transgender Day of Visibility

River Elliot told me this morning that today is Transgender Day of Visibility. Since this is a hot topic, I have a few thoughts I would like to share.

Most people do not understand the experience of being transgender or even what it means. And you know what, they don’t need to understand it because it is not their experience. I should not expect them to understand it entirely unless they are transgender themselves.

That being said, we transgender people have a responsibility(not legally or philosophically, but ethically) to no give them a wrong idea about what it means to be transgender. I keep this in mind in my daily life because I am probably the only transgender person most people in Independence Missouri will know. Most are not as open about it as I am and prefer to remain secret and just blend in.

The purpose of the hormones and surgeries that transgender people undergo is for the purpose of blending in to reduce stress from those who hate them and also to reduce dysphoria about body parts that feel foreign to them like they belong to someone else. This is something that I fully support and agree with.

At the same time, there are things that the so called “Trans Community” does which I do not approve of.

A commonly discussed topic recently is transwomen competing in women’s sports. There are some serious problems. I should know better than most people as does former athlete Caitlyn Jenner that those who have experience male puberty often do have a huge strength and speed difference.

At this time I will not make the statement that they should not be able to compete in women’s sports because I think these things should be handled on a case by case basis for each sport individually. For example, I consider chess to be a sport but it is of the mind and not a physical nature and does not apply.

But I do have a request of trans athletes. Even if you can compete, please don’t. You’re adding fuel to the fire of those who already hate us for a variety of their own personal or religious motivations. It’s hard enough for most people who are transgender to live and work in their daily life. Most of them have it much harder than I do. I have a supportive environment at work and I have not experienced physical violence like many other have.

That said, I have experienced rejection by people who do not understand. I am okay with this because those who have a problem with my living my honest life are not my friends anyway.

But the existence of transgender people does raise many personal, social, religious, and political topics. And these topics will be debated as long as the human race exists.

Perhaps one of the more important things that many think of are the religious implications. People may ask, does God make mistakes? Does God send transgender people to hell for rebellion against his design? Or are transgender people instead part of God’s design in the first place and so many religious people have completely missed a chance to love people just as they have the non human animals which they continue to kill and eat and then have the nerve to thank God for food that was a living being and was not food at all.

I have many thoughts on these various topics and will respond to any questions people may ask me, but the short answer which always is true, is that it’s complicated. Nobody knows this more than Honesty the Unicorn who talked to me in my dreams on many occasions and still does on an almost daily basis. For more information on that, I have a series of books which document my experience with some of these topics I have mentioned.

My hope is that my books will educated people about those who are transgender and/or have experienced sexual abuse or have been unable to know what to believe in after they have been cast out of their religion for being trans, gay, or whatever other abnormality they did not choose to be.

But aside from that, I will continue to write or record whatever I need to explain these things to people. Ask me anything and I can point you in the right direction.




CT Stacking with Chaste Tris

I believe I have invented a new style of ST stacking. It’s similar to existing ST stacking methods, however there are some pretty extreme differences.
Unlike traditional videos or guides which divide the 3 groups of blocks into the 4 wide Left, 3 wide Center, and 3 wide Right, my method changes everything by moving the left side onto the right and then allowing the blocks to be softdropped and then moved over into the 4 wide which is now on the right, as long as it is higher than the center, which now has the Z and T blocks used for T spin doubles and Tetrises.

This difference cannot be underestimated. There are several reasons.

  1. It means less risk of topping out because the blocks spawn near the center and it’s safer to build the sides than the center.
  2. The blocks can be soft dropped into the 4 wide meaning that it’s possible to leave gaps and fill them in later if you are unlucky with your block order.
  3. It is possible to clear more lines in less time if the stack is kept high because it takes less time to drop them into position.

The reason this method is called CT stacking is because it could stand for more than one thing.

Center T
Chaste Tris
Chastity Tetris

Chaste Tris is my own game I made and it’s the first I have been able to achieve this play style. It may be possible in other modern Tetris games but it would require a level of perfect play that would be hard in Tetris games with actual gravity and less time to place the blocks. It needs more testing but there is nothing about it that strictly requires my game. However my game is supreme when it comes to saving and reloading to fix mistakes.

As I succeed in doing it in more games, I will make more videos. For now enjoy this video which shows exactly what I am talking about.

JavaScript Long Boi Game Official Release

I have made a JavaScript port of my game Long Boi which is Tetris except only the long blocks. I may add the other blocks into it like the C version has when I find the time. However version 1 containing only the long blocks I plan to keep available. Play it anytime here!

Chastity’s Game: Long Boi

This is a short clip of me running the program I wrote. Notice that the spinning triangle is movable. That’s because this game started out as the code of my OpenGL spinning polygon program and some of it remains. The left side of the screen is the Tetris field which is 16×16 instead of the standard 10×20.

This program was a lot of work and there are sure to be bugs in it still. I also need to add a scoring system. However I don’t want to turn it into a complete clone of Tetris or it would cease to be unique. There is only the I block which is also known as the Long Boi or Long Boy.

This is written in pure C using many functions for dealing with each part of movement and checking whether or not a block is attempting to move to where something already exists. OpenGL with glfw is used for all graphics except the fonts which use ftgl.

#programming #c #coding #opengl #tetris

Tetris: Double Perfect Clears

Lately my blog has turned into where I share my best Tetris discoveries. I am always amazed to discover something new. Previously I had written about the ET cannon and it’s potential for perfect clears every 14 lines. However it is also possible to perfect clear in the third bag with 100% success. According to Solution finder, there are 83 solutions total and 66 minimal solutions. I have multiple input and output files available to anyone who wants them to see the solutions. Just send me an email at and I can send them to you.

You can also view the list of 66 minimal solutions here:

However if you have Solution finder, you can get the same results yourself. Here is the text of the field.txt file.


Run this command to process:

java -jar sfinder.jar path

And you will see that there are more solutions than you would expect. But that is not the end of it. A third bag perfect clear will result in one extra block left over after the perfect clear. This is where the Double Perfect Clear setups come in.

This part of the harddrop wiki specifically is what is relevant.

DPC Setup

The shape which can be made with those extra pieces after the T spin creates this basic shape. Here is a field.txt file for Solution Finder.


There are 11 total solutions and 1 minimal solution. The following is that minimal solution.

DPC Regular Solution

You can see that it is one of the solutions from the wiki. However the other solution can be great too because it means another T spin double.

DPC Regular Solution with T spin

Obviously these methods would be hard to pull off in ordinary gameplay but it remains theoretically possible to use the ET cannon to get an 8 line perfect clear, then use the DPC setup to get another perfect clear after 6 lines. This means that in 14 lines two perfect clears are done.

You may wonder why this is important. The simple reason is that the high scoring potential of perfect clears as well as garbage sending means that someone could score higher in only 70 lines than I would usually achieve in 100 lines. I will have to test out my theory to be sure on this but if my math is correct it would be unbelievably powerful. If I succeed in doing a run of this method outlined in this post I will make a video of it.

You can also view all 11 solutions for the DPC here: regular path_unique.html

There is another page which has more DPC setups that the harddrop wiki does not.

Most notable are those involving an extra T piece which is rare but could happen.